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Toby Keith Covel, or Toby Keith is a 54 year old American country music singer as well as a lyricist and an actor. He is one of the most lovable faces in the fraternity of country music singers and is extremely popular, partly because of his lovable image, and of course for is acumen as one of the finest exponents of country music of our times. That he is associated with the country music is very much apparent from his appearance. He has a very carefree attitude towards life and that is very much evident from the posters he appears in. The bearded face that is always smiling and is full of life, the customary cowboy hat, his attires and body language, which is relaxed yet enduring, make you feel at ease with the Toby Keith posters in no time. If you have followed country music down the ages, you will find that there is a bit if laid back attitude in the rhythms and tunes, which is very much in the line of the laid back lifestyle of the country side. The attitude of Toby in his posters actually goes with the mood that is set by a typical country music. In none of his posters, Toby is seen showing off his singing prowess, and the intensity of his performance as a show man. Rather, if you look at the posters, you will find that in sharp contrast to the posters of other performers from other genres, his are the most laid back ones. The settings, his appearance, the props used in the Toby Keith posters, his looks, and the background – everything has a laid back, yet enduring tinge associated. It is thing tinge that inexplicably goes with the psyche of the music lovers, which make the posters and the man so much lovable at the end of the day. Yes, in some of the posters he appears weirdly, but in most of the Toby Keith posters he is very much the guy next door – smiling and with no signs of a superstar-like enigma stuck to his posters. It is the simplicity that has made the task of the cameramen easier, though it is easier said than done, when it comes to creating a very and simplistic environment for a simple guy, who is always smiling and is just determined to come up with good country music.Google+