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Born on 19th September 1980 the identical twins, Tegan and Sara started their music career at an early age of 19 years. When they were just 15 years of old, they had started off with writing songs and playing guitar. In 1999, they recorded their debut album, ‘Under Feet like ours’ that got warm acclamation from the critics. Though started their career in Canada, they later toured the world, had five more successful albums under their name, and became the breakthrough performers of the United States. This brief introduction would make you understand why most of the youngsters have Tegan and Sara posters at their place and what it is that makes them adorable to the music lovers of Canada and US. They are famous for their Indie pop or Canadian Indie rock music. Both of them write songs and generally they sing for each other. There are very few numbers that are written by Tegan and sung by Sara or vice versa. Tegan and Sara posters would remind you that you need not be just perfect in everything in life. What you need is just be passionate about what you are doing, and you would be on the right track. They have quite famous music albums and are public figure and they also proclaim their personal life openly in many interviews. In different articles as well as interviews both have admitted that they are lesbians and are happy to be so. Presently, they live in different places and Sara stays with her girlfriend. The siblings started touring around when they were just in high school and used cars or Greyhound bus. Apart from music and indie pop, you may have watched them in various television shows and films. Some of the television shows were C à vous, ‘The tonight show with John Leno’, ‘late show with David Litterman’ and so on. » The Lego Movie", “Dallas Buyers Club", "G.B.F.", Sweet November, Monster-in-Law, and These Girls are some of the movies in which their songs were featured. The fame and love that these two twins have gathered have given them their position in the music world.