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Sunny Leone posters collection seen here will definitely meet all the expectations you will have when you hear the name of the illustrious porn star. The nuclear bomb of porn industry due to her exotic looks and perfect body attributes has earned a million plus fans for her worldwide and especially in the US and India. She has done several feature films with raunchy but meaningful roles in many Indian films in the recent past. Well almost all porn stars have somewhat similar or even better figure and sexuality, but her intriguingly sensuous looks and lust-filled eyes topped with luscious lips make her different from others in these Sunny Leone posters. Her early adult entertainment industry career started when she posed in photo sessions for Penthouse magazine which was followed by photo sessions published in many other porn magazines like Hustler, Cheri, High Society, Lowrider etc. In 2003 she was posted as the “Penthouse Pet of the year”. She has done so many porn films starting from 2002 in a Penthouse video called “Virtual Harem”. Many interesting photos from these early career and many others feature in these Sunny Leone posters. Her TV reality show scenes and movies scenes have also made these posters much interesting. Also on display are her famous lesbian show photos.