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Summer Glau posters, 216 items

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Summer Lyn Glau or Summer Glau is a 34 year old American Actress, who has shot into fame into by portraying the fictional characters on the screen. One of the most famous characters portrayed by her is that of Cameron, in Terminator: The Sarah Conor Chronicles TV series. Hence, when it comes to talking about the Summer Glau posters they basically involves the characters she had played on screen, though there are a few that depict her as Summer Glau - in person. When talking about her posters, the first thing that crosses your mind is that, she is truly professional and is just the perfect candidate for each of the characters she is playing. She is pretty and have a good physique, which in spite of being sexy and is not voluptuous, but perfectly athlete to suit the kind roles she plays, and that has added to her glamour. In spite of being good-looking, she has a sort of ruthlessness in her face and pair of penetrating eyes, which come in handy while playing these characters. Be if a super hero, or a gun trotting young woman, she is always bang on and that makes the difference. All these are very much palpable in the Summer Glau posters wherein she is seen in various avatars. Again, in the posters where she appears as the Sumer Glau, it is a totally different ball game altogether. Here, she is fascinating with no sign of that ruthlessness, but a sweet smile coupled with a face that is rich in freshness and exoticism. She has a perfect athlete figure, which will make you feel good. Perhaps, the characters that she is associated with, has made her look so very natural and not like one of those who go all out to seduce you in a way that is more artificial than natural. It is this naturalism of her posters that make them so very different. Even the ambiance of her posters has added to this naturalism. Forget about the ones in she appears as various characters – they are imposed and artificial. However, the Summer Glau posters in which she appears as self, the props and the backgrounds, the settings and the lights have added to that natural tinge that will make you think about her!Google+