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Steve Jobs posters will be something seen rarely in such places due to the fact that he is a distinct type of celebrity who belongs to a field where celebrities are a rarity. Steve Jobs can be correctly called as one of the forerunners of modern digital and computing world, because of his entrepreneurial and technological contributions in bringing the digital and computing technology to the common man. Steve Jobs posters seen here are mainly his photos during several promos, tech conferences and release functions related to Apple products like IMac, IPad, IPod, IPhone etc. These posters also include several digitalized graphical manipulations of his portraits and also contain his caricatures, monochrome posters etc. Steve Jobs posters are surely a specialty collectible, but there will be thousands of fans who would like to keep a nice poster about him as a memory of this legendary entrepreneur and technocrat. Steve was a visionary and a staunch believer of the success of hard work. From the days when he cofounded the Apple computers from the scratch to the time he left Apple to work independently, to his return to the company later to revive it from near bankruptcy and making it the top company of the world, he has followed the above said principle.