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Sophie Dee is a 31 year old Welsh Porn star and a stripper, who started her career in the adult entertainment industry as a lap dancer and a stripper in Birmingham, England and later moved onto a topless modeling job. Today, she is one of the most famous actresses of the porn industry, more known than anything else for her huge swinging boobs that will leave awe-struck. If you have a look at the Sophie Dee posters, that is the first thing that will catch your attention. It is not that she is not beautiful, apart from her huge milky breasts, you will also be attracted by pretty, large blue eyes, and a fantastic fugue and most importantly, an unfathomable sexual appeal that will not let you sleep. She knows very well that even though she has a stunning figure, she must flaunt her breasts which are her USP. So matter in what way she appears in her posters, she always highlights her boobs and that’s the way the things go for her. She appears in all kinds of attires – in some she is fully dressed, even though her unique asset are seen bulging out, in some she is semi nude, dangerously showing off her assets – but only partially, and in some she is topless and in some other Sophie Dee posters, she is totally nude, revealing her maddening figure that will leave you craving her in your bed. The way looks at you, and turns at you occasionally, showing off her bum in some of the posters clearly indicates that she is as proud as her rear as she is about her front, and she is more than proud to show them off to you. As far as the photographers are concerned, they are very much aware about the catch points in her and that is the thing they keep in mind while coming up with the Sophie Dee posters.Google+