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Sonny Bill Williams posters, 40 items

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Sony Bill Williams is the 30 year old rugby player as well as a heavy weight boxer, who has represented Bulldogs and Sydney Roosters and has also represented the New Zealand national rugby team. Looking at the Sonny Bill Williams posters, the first and foremost thing that comes into the mind is that he is a very very tough guy. The fact that he is a top performer in two of the most physically demanding sports, itself speaks about that. Also, he is extremely confident about his abilities to perform at the highest level in both the disciplines. Now, that is called spirit and that is what comes out in flow from each and every poster of this man that you see. Seldom will you see a person delivering at the top level of two sports as demanding as boxing and rugby. That is exactly what he does and he is very strong and muscular and that show up in his posters in a very plain and simple way. All the Sonny Bill Williams posters that you come across show him either in the rugby pitches, at the thick of action with all the sweat and dust, or in the boxing ring pinned against a fierce opponent. In whatever way you see him, you will find him determined, posed to perform to the optimal, with his muscles flexing, his eyes focused and with everything in stake, he looks like a super man and that is what is the USP of his posters. Even in the very few ones in which he appears as a person, he doesn’t have to act. He is docile, yet extremely engaging, tough and hard nut to crack and that show up, so much so that he does not have to act in the Sonny Bill Williams posters.Google+