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Sofía Margarita Vergara Vergara or Sofía Vergara is a 43 year old Columbian-American actress, producer, model, comedian as well as a very successful businesswoman, who is as famous for her business acumen as she is for her stunningly sexy figure and a seductive face that will leave you with utter desperation, if not anything else. Interestingly, when it comes to the Sofia Vergara posters, this is left to 3 things – sex, exposure and nudity. Truly, Sofia means a lots and lots of skin show in the most shameless fashion. However, it is not that her posters only promote pornography. They are not as raw those of the adult entertainers that you find these days. Though there is a lot of nudity and skin show, there is a tinge of finesse in them that make her look all the more gorgeous, and not like a plain and simple sex worker who would take her clothes off for a bunch of dollars in front of you. Look at her eyes! At 43, she is extremely gorgeous, with a pair of deep and meaningful eyes that will invite to go till the hell with her, a pair of juicy lips that, when touched will take you to the cloud nine. Her figure is a hell of one! Her boobs, her waist, her hips at 43 are ripe enough to give you the taste you would like to have when you enjoy them- albeit in dreams. Her golden flowing hair, her sexy limbs, her body language, and her poses are all too inviting for people of any age. For those who would like to have a matured woman rather than a growing one, she is the perfect bet. She knows that she is sexy and beautiful, and leaves no stone unturned to show that off in the most invigorating way. She would go to the farthest extent in the Sofia Vergara posters, with a maddening sense of eroticism that leave you drained out after some time. Even the photographers go all the way to prove her mantle as a sex diva. The way she have shot her, the props they have made her use, and the poses she has taken during the photo shoot has made the Sofia Vergara posters really breathtaking!