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Shelby Chesnes is a 24 year old American Bikini Model, who had shot in fame by appearing as the Playmate for the July 2012 edition of the iconic magazine, ‘Playboy’. Now if you look at the Shelby Chesnes posters, the first thing that will draw your attention is sumptuous beauty that is absolutely pristine and heart throbbing. She has a wonderful pair of eyes, which will attract you in all kinds ways and you cannot help but thing all sorts of things about her and fantasize her in your bed. Her lips, her eyes, her fantastic face, her impish grin, and the way she sits, she looks, she turns, she lies and most importantly, the way she reveals her assets is a treat to watch! Coming to her assets, she has indeed a pair of voluptuous breasts, which in spite of not being so voluminous, are really voluptuous, in the sense that you will have to really hard to grab them and fondle with them. Their shape is just mind boggling. If her boobs are so enchanting, so is her figure. She is not heavily built, but curvy. She has sexy pair of limbs, her buts are holdy and swinging and showy as she lies on the bed, with her milky torso facing the lens. She looks in the most provocative way in the Shelby Chesnes posters. She knows how to look and how to turn towards the lens to raise the ‘man’ in you. She would lie down in the most sensuous way and this makes you feel that heat in between your legs. Truly, she does all kinds of things to seduce you in the most promiscuous ways – promiscuous in the sense they will raise the forbidden senses in you. You will really look for a corner to think about her, and cheat your wife if you are married and that is the magic of the Shelby Chesnes posters.Google+