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Shakira posters are invariably one of the most vibrant, elegant and appealing posters among the celebrity posters. More than half of these posters depict images from her energetic stage performances and live concerts. Shakira posters also demonstrate the unparalleled sex appeal and amazing body stats (34-24-37). Of course those stats make her much different from the photo model concept but with such curvy but hourglass figure with enough size in the top and bottom, she is a treat to watch, especially in those tight dresses which we see more often in these Shakira posters.

Shakira started her music career in Colombia with some musical concerts and dance programs and finally was signed by Sony Music Colombia for her debut album “Magia” in Spanish at the age of 13 which was followed by 3 more Spanish albums. With her fifth album “Laundry service” she entered the English pop industry which had the bestselling single “Whenever, Wherever” and was followed by an array of hit albums over the years which won her several awards. She was the cover model of numerous magazines of which her covers for ELLE and ARENA are seen in this collection. Her award ceremonies, social events, music promos, personal life events etc. are fully covered here.