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Sarah Michelle Gellar your favorite “Vampire slayer”, Buffy; is famous for her roles in other films and TV serials like Scream 2, Scooby Doo 1-2, “Possession”, “Veronica decides to die” etc. Sarah Michelle Gellar posters depict various scenes from these movies and TV serials, making you revive her above mentioned performances. The actress and producer who began her acting career at the very young age of 6 years in 1983 in the television film “An invasion of privacy”, has had an illustrious professional life which is aptly reflected in Sarah Michelle Gellar posters on “”. Though most of these photos are devoid of much nudity, there are more than a dozen of photos which would allure lovers of celebrity nudism. She doesn’t have much a curvaceous figure or big upper and lower assets but she is well proportioned and a cutie which compensates for the above drawbacks. Well Sarah Michelle Gellar posters really showcase her cute, angel-like looks which along with her nature has conquered a million households through her TV serials and films. Sarah has a “Miss Perfect” image which she has managed to maintain somehow through all these years. She has been awarded numerous times, mainly for her TV endeavors (EMMY, Golden globe, Teen choice, etc.) and also some for her feature films.Google+