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Born as Sara Rose McDaniel, the 20-year-old American model has gone viral over the various social networking platforms and the internet not only because of her striking beauty but because of her unique unmatched eyes, one yellow-brown and the other bright blue. People looking at the Sarah McDaniel posters hung on the walls would think that she has used contact lenses, but the reality is that she was born with different colored eyes. A very rare medical condition called heterochromia iridium has caused this imperfection which looks just perfect on this beautiful girl. Sarah, however, was never bothered with this imperfection. As a matter of fact, she is proud of her different eyes and she loves to show them off whenever and wherever she can. The eyes are however not the only reason for someone to buy Sarah McDaniel posters. The 20 years model is going to make history as she is going to be the first non-nude Playboy cover girl. While this is going to be her debut as a cover girl model for Playboy magazine, her photos have already been quite popular on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms for quite some time. On Instagram alone she has about 240,000 followers with the number increasing by leaps and bounds daily. In collaboration with the famous bikini brand, Frankie’s Bikinis, Sarah has launched her own bathing suit line recently and she has shared her pictures in a tiny floral bikini on Twitter. She certainly has the right curves for wearing bikinis and her photos look amazingly appealing. To increase the heartbeat of her fans more and to make way for even more voluptuous Sarah McDaniel posters in the future, Sarah wants to pose nude in her future assignments. When asked about this in details the young and beautiful model made it clear that she does not mind shedding it all in front of the camera. She has also expressed her desire to become a Victoria’s Secret model in the future. The Sarah McDaniel posters are sure to make your walls look even more glamorous, thanks to the stats of this young and beautiful model. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall and her 32-24-35 figure is just the kind that someone would want to see time and again. Her natural brown hair gives any photo that added color which makes the posters look even better. The Sarah McDaniel posters that are available on are simply amazing. Not only the imperfect beauty of this very beautiful model has been captured well in the