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Sara jay is a 38 year old American Pornographic actress, who first shot into fame appearing in striptease at the age of 18. She is quite good looking though she is not that outstanding. However, the thing in her that attracts you, or in other words the first thing that catches your attention in her is the pair of huge boobs that she has. In fact, her milky breasts are her main USP. They are indeed huge and swinging and you can go many ma miles to fondle with the. She is quite proud of her assets and she founts them in all sorts of ways in the Sara Jay posters. It is not that she bares them all in front of you. On the contrary, she would keep them concealed - only partially, so much so that you will get the hints their ‘greatness’ and that will simply drive you crazy. At times, in some of the posters, you will see her in swimsuits and in some, she will appear in two piece dresses, with her huge boobs, partially revealed. Again, you will find her in some posters, in tip tops, giving you just the hint of her boobs and the cleavage. However, this is not the say that the rest of her is just a pushover. She has a fabulous figure and there is simply no doubt about it. She is blonde and has deep blue eyes and a mesmerizing smile. In the Sara Jay posters, she appears in all sorts of ways, to make sure you like her in all forms and in all formats. Even the backgrounds, the props used, the light and shade and the attired used, the way she poses in front of the lens – everything says one little thing, that Sara Jay means eroticism at its very best and that is that the Sara Jay posters are meant for. We have a huge collection of Sara Jay pics that can be printed in the form of posters and you can place an order with us at any time of the day. Placing an order on our website is extremely easy as you will have to simply choose your favorite image and the poster size and type. Once you make the payment, our team will get your poster printed and delivered to your desired address. Hurry up and bring your favorite poster home to show your support and love towards one of the most celebrated porn star in the industry.Google+