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Samantha Hoopes is a 24 year old American super model, who had shot into fame by appearing in the 50th Anniversary Swimsuit issue of the coveted Sports Illustrated. Being a super model, she is the owner of a stunning figure, which is not voluptuous, but is extremely curvy, with her assets really vicious enough to destroy you and ‘kill’ you morally. That is something very much natural with any model – after all, it is their figure and the statistics thereof, which is their USP. However, which makes the Samantha Hoopes posters so very absorbing, and the quality that pilfers your soul the most, is the beauty of her face. The beauty is pristine, as if unexplored and untouched. The golden hair, the enchanting eyes, the pair of ravishing lips, the solemn, yet lively and expressive face, dotted by that impish smile –a smear to provide an unfathomable personality to her presence, which really makes all the difference. In all the Samantha Hoopes posters, she reveals her stunning body in all the ways possible. However, in none of them, she appears vulgar and shamelessly asking for your male hardness. She just shows her beauty as a flower would. She appears calm and soothing. Even her nakedness has a tinge of somberness, which makes you feel good, instead of bitten by the lust bug. She looks at you in a very poignant way, while displaying her assets and that provides that ‘softness’ that makes the Samantha Hoopes posters so endearing. Very rightly, the men behind the lens have done all the tricks in making her look exactly the way she ought to look – with or without dresses, with the right kind of lights and shades, props and the very right kind of background that in most of the cases- are natural, lifting the spirit of the posters further up!Google+