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Robert Redfort, 80 year-old American actor, director, producer environmentalist, businessman and the philanthropist is a living legend, to say the least. Over the ages, he has been the epitome of power, glamour, fame and what not in the Hollywood and the world of glamour. He has been actively a part of the glamour world and showbiz since 1960. Hence, it has been 56 long years we have been witnessing his stupendous presence the world celebs. Hence, it is not wonder that we have got heaps and heaps of Robert Redford posters in front of us, which have all captured this living legend in a whole new world of various moods, styles, and fashions that are very much of his own. Hence, if we start discussing about the Robert Redford posers we need to discuss as many as 5 past decades, during which we have been watching this ageless wonder. Hence, let us start with the posters that appeared way back during the late 60s and 70s, when Redford was a dashing young man, a personification of glamour with blue eyes and blonde hair. He posed in all of ways – sometimes in formals, sometimes in typical western casual, in some he used to appear as the characters he played in his movies, and in some, he just displayed his personality in an unforgettable manner, which was unique of him. All were great in their own ways. Then there are some Robert Redford posters where it is seen he is aging, yet he is seen presenting himself in styles that are reminiscent of the changing times. Moustache, receding hair lines, wrinkled skins and all – giving an all new dimension to his appearance, and changing his style statement is an prolific way. In all the Robert Redford posters, the master appears in unique styles and ways, which only reinstates his style statement, is a unique way. And when you look into the posters down the line through the 80s and 90s, and thereafter, we see him not as a pinup man or a glamour man any more, but a successful business tycoon, a philanthropist, an environmentalist, an aged man, but stubborn and upright by success that he has tasted throughout his life, and that is very much apparent by this upright body language and his confident looks, though that keep on stating at you, though the aging face gives you the hints of the weathering that he has been through throughout his illustrious life. Now, in the nutshell, if you speak about the Robert Redford posters, there are so many ways to describe them. It all depends upon the posters of which era you are looking at, and from what angle you are trying to decipher this multifarious genius. No matter what angle of view you take, there is no way you can deny the fact that Robert Redford is an era, who has presented himself in various forms through ages, and this is very much apparent in this posters, and this is where the greatness of the man lies!