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River Jude Phoenix or River Phoenix is a 23 year old American actor, activist and a musician whose career has so far encompassed 24 films and TV appearances. If you are looking for the River Phoenix posters, the first and foremost thing that will cross your mind is the exuberance of youth. That he is only23 years of age is very much palpable from his posters. He appears on his posters in a wide variety of ways. He giggles, he jumps in joy, he shows off his muscles, he poses in various attractive ways – a t times seducing the opposite sex, he does all sort of things in his posters, which appear in color as well as in black and white. River is just a boy – still! A perfect boy next door, with a kid like face that is well short of experience and seasoning that is very much evident in the faces of other celebs of US today, thanks to relentless exposure to media and attention from all the quarters. In fact, he is still not a fully-fledged celebrity yet – but very fast coming up to be one. That inexperience is very much evident in his body language. He does everything in his posters, but the element of experience is somewhat missing from his body language. In addition, this has made the River Phoenix posters so very fresh and enthralling. His eyes are glittering and eager to enough to absorb whatever he sees and learns, his smile brings in a breath of fresh air, his body – still not ripe and is in process of buildup – with all these, he looks refreshing in his posters. The photographers do a fantastic thing while shooting him for his posters. They have kept all the technicalities at bay, while shooting! The posters are very basic – not matter when they are black and white and colored. They are simple, keeping in tune the simplicity of Phoenix and that has added to the charm in a spectacular way. With no such innovative background, no too much of graphic and special effects, too much of light and shade stuff, the most of the River Phoenix posters are very basic, at times even reminding us of the sizzling 60s and 70s and that is where these posters scores!