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Richard Gere is celebrity that does't need an introduction because of his body of work. He is primarily known as an actor and his filmography includes works of various genres. His work is not the only aspect that has drawn a lot of attention from audiences. Political views, his personal life and allegiance to various human rights organizations are also an important aspect which cannot be neglected. He was voted "Sexiest Man Alive" by the People magazine in 1999, but his list of awards is far more impressive. His popularity is still very high among movie enthusiasts and the sales of Richard Gere posters and other kinds of merchandise are certainly not in decline. Real connoisseurs of cinema are well aware of his talent and the ability to dive deep into difficult roles.

Starting as a theater actor he soon got into the movie industry and his first roles can be tracked to the mid 70s. One of his first roles was supposed to be in the movie Lords of Flatbush where he had to star alongside Sylvester Stalone. This initial plan didn't come to fruition as there was noticeable tension between the two actors and Richard had to move to other projects. After a few small roles, he finally came across a decent project that helped boost his career immensely. This was the 1980 crime drama American Gigolo. Following the initial success Gere was offered a role in the movie An Officer and a Gentleman. This was a step forward in his career as he received his first Golden Globe nomination. During the 80s his career has been on an unstable trajectory, but the situation had changed drastically in the beginning of 90s. His name was put on the map of stardom again with the movies like Internal Affairs and Pretty Woman, both of which were released in 1990. This was a period of his biggest streak of successful movies and it is no surprise that people were really into buying Richard Gere t-shirts among other things. After the musical Chicago he has cemented his status of a legend of the movie industry.

Richard Gere is still acting and gathering new fans around the world. Among his latest successful works are movies like Hachi: A Dog's Tale and Arbitrage. His charming look and gentleman behavior were always attractive features and at his age he is popular as ever. If you are fond of his career and personal traits, then a Richard Gere mugs will always motivate you. It would be a perfect gift for a friend who is fond of cinema and great actors.