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Rebecca Romijn has been a household names, more so amongst the teen ages since she appeared as Mystique in the first film of the X-Men trilogy in 2000. Another very famous role that she played was Joan in the film "The Punisher" in 2004. These two roles were more than enough to take her to the pinnacle of glory and glamour. As if that was not enough, she continued to play the character of Alexis Meade in "Ugly Betty" the television series. At present, she is also starring in "The Librarians", the American fantasy-adventure TV series as Eva Baird.

Born in the year 1972, she started her career as a model in the year 1991 and very soon gathered accolades from every quarter following her appearance on the covers of the American, French, Swedish, Russian and Spanish editions of magazines like Elle and Marie Claire. She also appeared on the cover pages of various European editions of other magazines like Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Esquire, Sports Illustrated and the likes. Besides, she was also a very popular face in advertising campaigns carried out by world famous brands like Christian Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, J. Crew, La Perla, La Senza, and many others.

While she had already shot in fame in the world of fashion and glamour, she started her venture in the world of films and television. The X-Men was her first major break in the year 2000 and she never looked back since then. She went from one height to another after appearing and playing challenging roles in films like Run Ronnie Run, other sequences of X-Men, Possessing Piper Rose, and quite a few more. She also became a household name, thanks to her role in series like Friends, House of Style, Pepper Dennis, Drawn Together, Love Locks to name to name a few of them.

Such has been her beauty and such has been her screen presence, that she can hardly be ignored regardless of the time she shares on the screen. She is a striking beauty, not a splashy one like a fountain, but a flowing beauty like tiny brook. Her eyes are as deep as a gorge and she has figure that every woman can envy. At 45, she is still the dream woman for every man who would long to take her out for a dinner. Hence, it is of no wonder that the Rebecca Romijn posters will sell like hot cake. Truly, her posters always are in high demand and we at keep on coming up with a variety of them, to quench the demand of her fans of various age groups and from various cultural and social background.

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