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Rebeca Hall is a British-American actress. She stood in front of the lens in the year 1992 when she did her first role of young Sophie in the television adaptation of The Camomile Lawn, which was directed by her father Peter Hall, who is also an English stage director and the founder of Royal Shakespeare Company. However, the first major breakthrough came in the year 2006, when she appeared in Christopher Nolan's 'The Prestige'. Then came the other hallmarks of her acting career, like 'Vicky Christina Barcelona', 'The Town', "The Awakening", and then 'Iron Man 3' the super hero movie and these movies and many others have made her a household name today and earned her not only critics accolades but a huge fan following.

The fact that she has been working all the way in a number of television series has done a world of good and has made her presence in the drawing room of her fans all the more palpable.

Let us now discuss about 'her' and her beauty. That she is stunningly beautiful is doubtless and frankly speaking, there isn't any doubt 'bout it. It is this majestic beauty that is complete with that gorgeous look and that stylish getup that makes her all the more sought after so far as fans are concerned. This is where the Rebecca Hall posters make all the difference.

She looks like a queen on the posters. Her profession has taught her to be camera conscious and she knows very well how to handle the camera angles in the most professional way. This caliber of her makes the Rebecca Hall posters all the more eye catching. Whenever she appears on the posters, regardless of the fact, whether you are her fan or not, you are bound to look at it and give a second thought. Her dress sense, her style, her hair, her looks and her overall eye catching x-factor would seduce you in more than a way.

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