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Rachel Anne McAdams or Rachel McAdams is a 36 year old Canadian actress. She is considered to be one of the most stylish, elegant actresses at present, with one of the prettiest faces in the fraternity of Hollywood actresses today.

She is extremely beautiful, with a gorgeous looking face, pregnant with aristocracy, finesse and an elegance that will almost compel you to fall for her. That’s what the Rachel Mcadams posters come up with! However, that is only the tip of an iceberg, for there is so much to say about Rachel. She is undoubtedly thrown out of proportion the old saying that the, ‘most beautiful women are the most dumb’.

That she is beautiful is surely an understatement. She is intelligent and that shows up in her face a bit too much, and that is the reason, perhaps you will think twice about imaging her, the woman next door to flirt with. Her eyes are confident, brilliant, bright and intelligent, and that is what attracts. The most spectacular thing is that in spite of being a part of the world of show biz, there is not much of sensuous appeal, which actually makes her so very different in the flock of the sex divas of Hollywood.

She does not have a voluptuous body. However, that does not lessen the beauty and aesthetic appeal of her, a bit. On the contrary she looks beautiful and so stylish in this physique and the most important thing is that in most of the Rachel Mcadams posters she does not appear to be seducing you in any way. In some of the posters she appears as the character she is portraying in a particular movie and in some, she is just displaying herself, but there is no flaunting of her assets, seducing, no display of skin, to invitation to any erotic play! The entire mood of her posters is more or less indeed jovial.

Even the photographers have done a lovely thing. In none of the Rachel Mcadams posters they have impregnated any out of this world tinge. All the posters are very much natural, with very much familiar background, with Rachel looking gorgeous in each of them – as usual!