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Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz III or Petyer Wentz is a 36 year old American musician, who is famous as the bassist, the primary lyricist and the main backing vocalist of Fall out Boy, the famous American rock band. If you look at the Pete Wentz posters, the first and foremost thing that will cross your mind is that the posters are purposefully created in such a way that a subject like him remains engulfed with an aura of skepticism and mystery. In a few of his posters, he is appear just like a guy next door – though minus that flamboyance that is expected from a young man like him. This, he creates purposefully so as to maintain the theme that his band maintains on the stage and in albums – a tinge of poignancy, which will make you ponder a bit before moving on. However, in the other posters, he appears straight from an out of this world place – with a naïve yet pensive look that has been superfluously imparted upon him, with a blunt look, coupled by a somewhat dazed body language against a somewhat morbid a background completing the ambiance of daze and haze to the fullest extent. Look at his eyes – and you will get that cod, blunt feeling of a person who is detached from all the earthly feelings and is circumspect about something eerie going on around him – all the time, trying hard to detach himself from them –always! None of these Pete Wentz posters looks perfect. There is a sense of surrealism associated with each of these posters. The way he looks, the way he has put on his makeup, the props used, the lights, used in a very blunt and sublime way, the camera angles – everything has created that out of the world feeling. The camera operators have indeed done a great job. They have gone to the farthest extent to create that out of the world feeling that will give you the taste of that uncanny ambiance, if you continue to look at the Pete Wentz posters for too long. They will somewhat engulf you – mentally and straightaway take you out of the real world and put you into a surreal world that belongs very much to the Pete Wentz and his band.Google+