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Paul Wesley is a 33 year old American actor, director as well as producer, who had shot into fame by playing the role of Stefan Salvatore in the Vampire Diaries. Then very name of his dream project sends an eerie feeling down everyone’s spine, and he has until date enjoyed the ‘vampurisque’ image that is associated with his name. The important thing is that he has learned and enjoyed to live with that image. That is very much palpable if you look at the Paul Wesley posters.

Almost all his posters, barring a few bear that impression. Look at them and you will easily understand that look and feel. He is a tough looking guy, with a stout physique, a stubborn facial expression, a pair of deep meaningful eyes, and an aura of ruthlessness very much apparent in his personality. Now all these qualities have been fully and most vigorously utilized in the Paul Wesley posters to make sure that they carry the legacy and legend of the name that he has been associated with, for so long. The word –vampire always entices all the blood and gore, suspense and a bit of eroticism intermingled into one. That is what he has successfully depicted in the posters.

You will see him in black and white and colored posters in casuals, looking at you in a very blatant way, with the audacity of making you have an uncanny feeling. The paleness of his looks, which is very much very much supported by the lack of color and the pensive mood of the posters, makes you feel that chill. The props used in the images, the paleness of the color of the background, or rather, the lack of it is very much in tune with the legacy of the vampire that we have known over the ages. The light and shades of the posters, the camera works are to be appreciated for all these have created a magic, and have woven an ambiance, which is very much upsetting and feverish, though in a very sublime way.

Truly, if you have a look at the Paul Wesley posters, the one thing that will come across your mind is that they are to enjoyed from a distance, but it will be a strict ‘no-no’ if you are asked to be a part of it – physically.