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Paige Wyatt is one of the members of the Colorado-based famed Wyatt Family – the family of stars who appear in the immensely popular American reality TV Show, ‘American Guns’. The family is headed by Rich Wyatt and Paige is his step daughter.

Coming to 21 year old Paige, who has been born and brought up amongst guns, she has been one of the most flamboyant characters to have ever appeared on any TV reality show. This flamboyancy is very much palpable in all the Paige Wyatt posters you come across everywhere. Though she is not a model, she appears in perfect way in one way or other in her posters. She is beautiful and she doesn’t hide at all.

She comes up in various ways in her posters. In some, you will find her with guns in full hinting gear, in some she will come up as a girl next door, with her customary impish grin, beautiful eyes and childish look, displaying her assets – but only just – may be just her deep cleavage or just the signs of it, or in a low waist jeans and a tight top, which shows up the shape and getup of her huge assets. In some other, you will find her in the wild, caressing a beast or two, with her natural exuberance and easy-going attitude very much palpable. Again, she will appear as model in some, with her stunning figure and the dangerous curves in full ‘glow’ – exposed and flaunting.

The props used – mostly guns, the backgrounds used – mostly countryside and blurred looking surroundings, coupled with her natural sternness that shows up amidst all the cuteness and a bit of erotic undertone that she has, collectively make the Paige Wyatt posters something you cannot ignore. Be it as a gun trotting model, or a cute girl next door Paige Wyatt will keep you haunting you – in your thoughts.