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1D or One Direction is the London based Brit-Irish pop band that has renewed the audience’s interest in music bands. The band that had five members to begin with managed to garner instant attention and fame when their single ‘Up all Night’ released in September, 2011. Their Twitter account has more than 10 million followers and counting. In the 2015 of Forbes magazine, One Direction was at number four in the list of highest income by a band. The Journey Begins The One Direction posters of the yesteryears would show all five members who are Zayn Malik Niall Horan, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne. After Zayn left the band in March, 2015, the remaining four boys are carrying on with their musical journey. Surprisingly, a couple of years before forming the band, these boys did not even know each other. They happened to meet while auditioning for X-Factor, where they happened to form a form the band that was about to create history in the pop music arena. Albums released so far It has just been 5 albums to the credit of this boy band, but they have managed to mesmerize the crowds with their rock star image and pop songs. After the first album was a chartbuster, the second album “Take me home” went on to become a bigger hit by hogging the first position in 30 countries. UK sales figure of their album was a record 2,425,000 copies. In 2013, with the release of ‘Midnight Memories’, the band even topped the Billboard 200, a feat achieved by no other band. The first 3 day sale of this album was approximately 270,000 copies, which is a record in itself. ‘Four’, “Made in the A.M.”, were the two albums released by the group in 2014 and 2015 respectively. Following the release of the 2015 album, the group declared that they would be going on a hiatus, which would last for about 18 months. While there are rumors of a permanent split, music lovers are still hopeful and waiting eagerly for the release of their next album. What made them so famous? The secret of 1D’s success as a band is not only can’t be wholly credited to their songs or musical gigs. While their music can be best described as a great mix of dance pop, teen pop, pop rock and electro pop elements, it is their flamboyant performances that manage to win the hearts of anyone. People who were not very great admirers of the band also would frantically look for the One Direction posters after attending a concert where these boys would perform, such is the charisma. At, One Direction posters have group photo as well as the individual photos of the group members. The One Direction posters are available in many dimensions as well. Pics of professional performances of One Direction are extremely popular among the young customers who order it on our site. You too can place your poster orders with just a few clicks of your mouse. Delivery of the printed posters will be made within the shortest possible time.