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Nicky Whelan is a 34 year of Australian film star, who is equally famous in the Hollywood as well, thanks to her remarkable performance in some of the recent blockbusters. She is lovely looking lady, with a gorgeous smile, a pair of sparkling eyes, a lovely blonde golden hair and a stunning body, pregnant with some juicy assets that will leave you really with a dropped jaw. Yes, that is what Nicky is – if you go by the Nicky Whelan posters. She knows that she is sexy – at 34, her figure is beaming with a lot of eroticism and sexuality. She is not at all shy to show them off. Just have a look at her posters and you will see that she has left no stones unturned to show her assets off in the most prolific way. Be it in poses, be it in makeup and in various techniques like getting in wet dresses, getting wet under shower or in rain, she makes sure everyone sees her nice pair of boobs and their tits, her waistline, her hips and waist and what not! She takes a lot of chances and a lot of ways in her posters. It is not that she is a striper or she has stripped and appeared in front of the camera in nude. May be she has conserved her nudity for another day. However, as things stand now, she puts on a variety of skimpy dresses, to make sure that her assets are only just visible. Be it n the beach in a bikini and a bra or be in on the snooker board, she is always the center of attraction, with some exquisite poses that are inviting enough for you. The specialty of the Nicky Whelan posters is that she shows you nothing. Yet, she shows everything, so much so that it will leave you fanaticizing about her even in the most ludicrous way! The most amazing part of the posters is her bondage with her photographers. They have done a marvelous job by setting the most perfect background for her, the right props, the best lightings and most importantly, the right pose and factious expression that is inviting enough and too strong for you to ignore. The fact that she has a very bright and stubborn presence, is expressed by the use of strong bring light that does everything to bring all the curves of her stunning figure into limelight. That is what Nicky Whelan posters do to you!