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Nikelback is a Canadian Rock band, which was formed in the year 1995 in Alberta, Canada. The band comprises of Chad Kroeger, why is the guitarist as well the lead vocalist of the band, Ryan Peake, who is also another guitarist, keyboardist, Mike Kroeger, the backing vocalist bassist, and Daniel Adair, the drummer. Today, Nikelback is one of the most coveted rock bands and is adored and admired by millions of fans all over the world and is one of the best band when it comes to making of posters. If you look at the Nickelback posters, you will be able to gauge the typical mood of a rock band in the posters. They are innovative, they are creative and above all, they depict a sense of musical revolution that is the philosophy of the band itself. In virtually all the posters that you see, all the members of the band appear in a very confident and proactive mood that that actually sets the tone for the posters. The posters are rich with innovative background, out of the box concepts of presentation of the members of the band, some terrific unusual light and shade techniques, make the Nickelback posters unique and at the same time typical posters of a rock band of the stature of Nickelback. The band has one simple message to deliver through the posters. They are promoting their genre of music. Naturally, the posters have the typical tinge of revolution, which is so very customary of any rock band. Even the photographers do the right thing, in snapping pictures of the entire band together, which goes a long way in promoting the solidarity of the band itself. They use all their photographing experience to come up with some really dazzling the Nickelback posters. They use the right filters to bring in that shadowy effect that is so much customary of these types of bands. They make them pose in a very abrasive way that would highlight their confidence and aggression on the stage, and some clever use of colors that will make the posters attractive enough to send across one simple massage – that Nickelback means business on the stage!Google+