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Glee is one comedy drama series that managed to create quite a few screen stars and the most popular among them is Naya Rivera. The young, beautiful, and talented Naya Rivera has been quite a revelation in the show and her character Santa Lopez managed to win the hearts of millions of fans in the US and Europe. Rivera started out really young when she appeared in the Kmart commercials as a baby and later went on to grab smaller but significant roles in The Royal Family, Baywatch, Live Shot, House Blend, The Jersey, Smart Guy, Family Matters, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. However, Glee gave her the popularity that every actor dreams of. She soon became a household name and was recognized the moment she stepped out of her house. Rivera got mobbed everywhere she went, just like a true celebrity. As a result of her popularity, Naya Rivera posters started to flood the market.

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