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Natalie Portman posters. When she was just 12, Natalie Hershlag changed her name to Portman, which was her grandmother’s maiden name. She was born in 1981 in Jerusalem to an Israeli Doctor and an American housewife. Just as the age of 3 she moved to America with the family and started taking dance lessons and performances in local groups. At the age of 12, she was also a part of Revlon models squad, which gave a jumpstart to a long modeling career.

When she was introduced in Luc Besson’s Film, “The Professional,” both her beauty and acting talent were acknowledged by critics and cinema lovers. She was also considered to be the latest sensation in Hollywood. You may relate Natalie Portman Posters to Star Wars, but she had done a variety of other works before that. She had enrolled for acting classes, performed on stage and also attended theater camp before she was roped in for the role of Padme Amidala, the lady responsible for breaking Darth Vader’s heart. Portman was not even 18 when Phantom Menace was released in May 1999. Dozens of websites started releasing Natalie Portman posters, which registered huge demand.

However, success on the silver screen did not put an end to her academic career and in 1999 she went to Harvard, from where she graduated after getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology. In the meantime, she only acted in one movie – the sequence of Star Wars.Natalie Portman posters might not reveal anything about her intelligence but she is believed to be a wise and charming women.

She had played several memorable characters and this has certainly created a loyal fan base, who admires her not only for her beautiful looks but also for her acting prowess. Some of her prominent movies include Garden State, Cold Mountain, and Closer (this even got her an Oscar Nomination). The range and depth of her acting has silenced many critics who wrote her off as just another glamour addition to films. She has experimented with the kind of roles and managed to pull them off with equal élan.