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Muhammad Ali, the name itself was enough to instill fear and respect among his opponents. Boxers of his era and later considered Mohammad Ali to be one of the greatest boxing legends of the Twentieth century. You would not find a man in this world who knows any bit about sports and has not heard the name of this heavyweight boxing champion. There was a time when walls of every budding sportsperson (not necessarily a boxer) and every gymnasium were filled with Muhammad Ali posters. Such was the popularity of this great champion that he was nicknamed “the Greatest” by his fans. Early life Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. (later named Cassius X) was born in Louisville, Kentucky on 17th January 1942. He later adopted the name Muhammad Ali after converting to Islam at the age of 22. The 6’3” tall Ali was only 18 years only he captured a couple of National Golden Glove titles and a couple of Athletic Union National titles. Later in the same year he went on to win the Gold medal in light heavyweight boxing in 1960 Olympics held at Rome. Professional career His professional boxing debut happened on 29th October 1960 and soon the world knew him for his powerful jabs, and impeccably swift movements during the bouts. His fans gave him the nickname “Louisville Lip” as he used to constantly do self-promotion and was a braggadocio. His strength and killing body attitude is clearly visible in the Muhammad Ali posters as well. The boxing style of Ali was different than many contemporary boxers. He never believed in overpowered punches. Instead, he believed in “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. His USPs included lightning hand speed, terrific reflexes, and constant moving, dancing and circling his opponents. He was feared by his opponents for the cutting left jab that could come from any angle. He was famous for ‘Ali shuffle’, the center ring jig that he used to perform. Various posters of Mohammed Ali can be ordered on and we give our customers the freedom of choosing any size and quality of canvas they desire. We ensure that only the best quality printing materials are used for creating the best posters of celebrities. Controversial break and return His winning sprint and growth in popularity continued till 1967 till his boxing career was mired in several controversies. He refused to serve the US Army during the Vietnam War and was arrested. His popularity dropped drastically owing to this and he was stripped of his title during this period. He also lost the boxing license as the New York State Athletic Commission decided to suspend it. However, as the attitude of people towards the War changed, Ali started getting popular again. The Supreme Court overturned his conviction and ordered the reinstatement of his license as well. After his return to the rings in 1970, there was no looking back for the great boxer. He was accredited with the title of “Fighter of the Year” by Ring magazine for 5 times. In 1990, the International Boxing Hall of Fame inducted Ali in their list of greats. If you find this great boxer of all times, immensely inspiring then get your own copy of Muhammad Ali posters at The color and grayscale Muhammad Ali posters of this champion are sure to give you the adrenaline thrust to overcome any challenge in life.