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Mayte Michelle Rodriguez or Michelle Rodriguez, as she is popularly known is an American actress, screen writer as well as a DJ and is surely, one of the most popular names in Hollywood today. She is beautiful, strong yet sexy and all these qualities make her one of the most convincing candidates when it comes to making of posters. Truly, if you take into account the Michelle Rodriguez posters, all the three qualities will be very much palpable. Firstly, she is intelligent and confident of what she is doing. In addition, this intelligence and confidence are very much evident in the pair of her glittering eyes, her exuberant body language, and her ‘diamondesque; smile. She is strong and that is every much apparent from her body structure, the way she poses, the way she stands, and the dimension of her body. That she is strong is just one part of her story. That has not deterred her from being sexy and beautiful and inviting enough. In fact, that is her USP! She is the melting pot of strength and beauty where the two completely different parameters have got into a seamless marriage, giving the Michelle Rodriguez posters a completely new and fresh dimension. If you look at her posters, you will find that she has taken her three dimensional strength to an altogether new height. The way she poses in her posters, the way she shows off her startling figure that is pregnant with some stunning assets, is itself something to be envy of. She has done a wonderful job in her posters, where she is seen showing off the hints of her assets in the most fascinating way, where she has exposed her strength with the flavor of eroticism and sexuality. Even the men behind the lens have done a great job. They have presented her in the most perfect way, with the most appropriate background, befitting props, alluring and apt attires, with the most apposite lights and shade arrangement, camera angles and other parameters all that is needed to make the Michelle Rodriguez posters really alluring, creative, and at the same time inviting enough to justify the talents of this wonderful actress!Google+