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Michael Brown, who is professionally famous as Michael Ealy, is a 42 year old American Actor, who has appeared in some of the most Hollywood films of the recent years. He is a tough guy. You will be able to make that out from the Michael Ealy posters. In most of the posters, he has presented himself an a actor, more so as an action hero, with a stunning physique that is tough and smart, a stern looking face, which smiles occasionally, but when it does it shows up the clear hearted man within, a pair of deep, confident eyes with a sight as sharp as that of a hawk, and a face that is smart and dignified. In fact, his very presence and body language is dignified. In some of the posters, he appears bare bodied - just a pair of trousers. Yet, there is no super hero-like attitude in those Michael Ealy posters. He remains a simple and humble guy, with his feet on ground, as if carelessly showing off his body, not to attract anyone, but because he is better off without a shirt or tee, at the time of clicking the picture. It is this rather humble and carefree attitude that makes the difference. In some, he appears in corporate attire, and looks a perfect professional executive, ready to go to his Manhattan office, while in some; he is seen posing for the scene of the film, he is acting in. He has a tremendous sex appeal. However, he never flaunts it and displays his body and muscles in a shameless way, for self-promotion. He draws a rather subdued picture of himself, but the most important thing is that, it is this subdued image that scores over many others, who leave no stone unturned to promote themselves as someone special. Even his photographers have done wonderful job. They come up with the images with rather unattractive, blunt backgrounds and a shadowy tinge of lights to make sure there is not too much of highlighting of Michael that would have spoiled his philosophy of staying close to the ground and depicting an approachable image of his self. That is what is so special about the Michael Ealy posters!Google+