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Matthew Staton Bomer aka Matt Bomer is an American actor who is more known for his TV films and theatre. But he also has around a dozen movies also to his credit. Matthew Bomer posters are a pure show of his handsomeness and elegant macho looks. This collection of Matthew Bomer posters has covered all his professional, personal and social life to some extent. It has scenes from his TV serial White Collar which has gone 5 seasons till now and where he plays the role of a con artist. Matthew Bomer posters on “” also showcases scenes from his theatrical engagements like “8”, “Roulette”, “Villa America” etc. This poster collection also has scenes from various ceremonies where he was awarded with various awards like the “MTV movie awards”, Critic’s choice Television Award, Primetime Emmy Award and also awards for social cause like “Steve Chase Humanitarian Award”, “GLSEN awards” etc. Matthew Bomer posters are also depictive of the sexual orientation of the actor who had accepted publicly that he was a Gay and got recently married to his partner, with whom he has 3 children by virtue of surrogacy. His photo sessions shown here are so beautiful and elegant and are bound to invoke interest in a wide audience.Google+