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Matt Damon is a prominent figure in Hollywood. He has a huge list of achievements as an actor, writer and producer. He was nominated for various awards 43 times, from which he won 19. Although he has gained massive success with his work in the spy thriller The Bourne Identity, which had a number of sequels, Matt is also known for his roles in different other movie genres. His popularity has certainly added to the sales of Matt Damon pillows and other kinds of merchandise. He is truly an A-list star and has deserved all the attention from media and fans. There is no more need for him to prove what he is capable of and at the age of 48 he is at the peak of his career. Are you also dreaming of becoming an actor or maybe you are a passionate movie fan? Matt has proven that by following your dreams and working hard, you can make it big in any industry.

The first role came in 1988 in the movie Mystic Pizza. It was a very small role, where he had just one line. He started to appear in movies on a more regular basis, but the real success came in 1997 with the movie Good Will Hunting. Matt Damon co-wrote the screenplay together with his friend Ben Affleck and they got an Oscar for their work later that year. Matt also got an Academy Award Nomination for portraying the main character. After the huge success of that movie, he began to work with the best directors in the Hollywood film industry. It is a real privilege to be able to choose your own projects and he was able to do that because of his talent and growing popularity among movie enthusiasts. It is not a surprise that Matt Damon cases for iPhone are always in high demand. He continues to solidify his status of a global celebrity with the exciting roles and projects and his trajectory doesn't seem to change course.

He has proven his ability to hold his own against other big Hollywood stars in the heist film Ocean's Eleven. His co-stars were all big names, like Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Andy Garcia, Julia Roberts and others. His more recent work includes roles in The Departed, Interstellar, The Martian, Suburbicon and Downsizing. His cameos in other movies have started to become a tradition. Movie fans could see him playing a small role in the latest Thor movie and Deadpool 2. If you are a passionate fan of his incredible work, then choose Matt Damon posters to decorate your room or any other merchandise that would always remind you about his talent.