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Maria Sharapova posters, 1369 items

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Maria Sharapova – the very name is more than enough to cause ripples in the hearts of billions across the globe. Be it tennis fans, be it men and women in search of a real good face and a stunning figure, this 28 year Russian tennis star and model is indeed a heartthrob to people all over the world. She is a beautiful to say the least, with the customary Russian features – blond flowing golden hairs, sharp features, pale complexion. However, the thing that attracts one is the sharpness and the sophistication that is very much palpable in her. The way she looks, the way she walks, the way she dresses up – everything is so full of finesse and erudition that she can easily be spotted even from a thousand. He is in the tennis court in her sporting attires, or be in the skimpy and innovative attires during photo shoots as a model; the Maria Sharapova posters are unique in style as well as visual emancipation of beauty. Her sea blue eyes, her face, the way she looks, her lips – everything is so rich in dignity. All these are so much palpable in her posters. The most amazing part of Maria is the way she transforms herself. When is in the tennis court you see her in one way, and when she is in photo shoot she completely transforms herself accordingly. That is the USP of her photos. When she is Maria the model, she poses to seduce you with her eyes, lips, a super athlete body rich in assets that keep inviting you in all sorts of ways. She will compel you to think of her in our dreams, showing her assets – only partially enough to raise your interest to the fullest and that is the specialty of the Maria Sharapova posters in both the forms. The photographers also do a marvelous job. They take difference stance while shooting Maria the player and Maria the model. While the posters that show her as a tennis star in the thick of action show her grit, determination, and power to overcome her opponent in the court, the ones that show her as a model exhibit her eroticism, sensuous appeal, modesty and the tenderness of her presence and here are the two avatars of Maria Sharapova posters.Google+