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Maria Diane Brink is an American singer and songwriter, who is shot into fame as the front woman of the famous US metal band, ‘This Moment’. How we know the heavy metal music as? We know this genre music as lively, loud, protesting, with deafening music and lights setting the stage on fire. That’s what you see in the Maria Brink posters. She is more lively than beautiful, she is more arrogant than sweet, she is noisier in appearance than she is polite, and right so. For she is into one genre of music, which is underlined by only one parameter – noise and more noise. However, the crux and the life of this music lie in that noise and the thick of activities that you see on state and it is the repulsiveness that that you get to see in her posters. In some of the posters, you will find her performing on the state, singing, dancing and connecting with the audience, and it is in this thick of action where you indentify her – as a performer and as an entertainer. However, the mainstay of these posters is that, in none you will find her as a person. You will recognize her as only a performer. So, if you want to see her in person, you need to have a look at the Maria Brink posters in which she appears just for photo shoot. The difference of her posters is that, even in these posters, where she merely presents herself, she does everything to make sure she looks different. The strong makeup, the out of this world props, the tattoos, the innovative, and at times – weird backgrounds, her expressions, the mysterious tinge that is very much apparent –everything merges into one good form, to provide something that will help you draw a line between the Maria Brink posters and that of others.Google+