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Having Manny Pacquiao posters at your home would always remind you of the story of a man who has struggled his way to success from utter poverty. This world class boxer began his life on 17th December 1978, in Philippines as the son of a very poor family. He was from General Santos city and for living his life used to seel bread on the streets of the city. For earning some extra money, Manny Pacquiao boxed in the streets of the city. He was just a kid then. He always fought with opponents who were larger than him Fighting with the bigger guys gave him the reputation of a tough cookie. Even the speed and power of his left hand was noticed. And this is his feature that makes him one of the exciting boxers of present day. His mother AlingDionisia never wanted that he grew up as a boxer, rather she always wanted him to take up priesthood. However, Manny knew that he was destined for something great and he continued. Before he was famous enough, he set off to Manila, so that he may earn his living. There he had to work hard so that he may see the face of success. He worked as the construction worker and as a janitor in the same gym where he used to practice. When he started his career as a boxer, he had 11 consecutive fights, and then he loses one. In 1996 he lost against RusticoTorrecampo who knocked Manny down. The effect of this was very devastating and he decided to return back. However, later he decided that he cannot return as a loser. His career kick started again after he beat the IBF champion LehlohonoloLedwaba in six rounds. Then he fought with the three Mexican legends and also saw the face of win there. He had defeated Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barera, and Juan Miguel Marquez. There were many whom he defeated during his striking career. The most important thing that Manny Pacquiao posters reminds everybody is the never quitting spirit that he has shown to this world again and again.