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Madonna Louise Ciccone better known as Madonna is known as the ultimate diva for beauty and music. Born in 1958, in Bay city, Michigan,. She had seen hardship in her early life as her mother died due to breast Cancer. With only thirty five dollars in her pocket and at the age of eighteen years only, she headed towards New York to try her luck. And the rest is history now! Everybody, be that young or old love to have Madonna posters as the posters only instil energy and vitality in them. When she went to New York, she even worked as a waitress at Dunkin’ Donuts. Later in 1979, she set the stone of her first rock band “the breakfast club”. She used to sing, play drums and guitar there. Later, with the drummer Stephen Bray she started the band ‘Emmy’ and this band later let her sign her first contract for her first single “Everybody” in the year 1982. Her first two singles did not see the face of success, while the third album “holiday” did, and from then the history began. Being the best voice for many years later she started venturing into other things too and there she got success as she has been. Now, she is proclaimed to be the most beloved media personality with huge number of fan following. She had full control on her career and personality as she used her music and sexuality to become the queen of pop. With the image that she has made she is indeed a brand in herself and thus people love to have Madonna posters. Madonna is a name that has come with fame and when one hears it, they can hear songs beside their ears. She is an ultimate diva and knows how she can make things turn for her. Throughout her career she has given number of hit albums with super hit songs in them, however, in all these fame, even controversies never left her. Some of her super hit songs are “Take a bow”, “like a virgin”, “crazy for you” and many more. It’s true that singer of “who’s that girl” is really someone who had turned the music world she likes.