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Logan Wade Lerman or Logan Lerman is a 23 year old American actor and considered one of the most talented stars to have come to Hollywood in recent times. He has shot into fame with some of the most widely acclaimed films of recent years, including the 2014 Brad Pitt starrer ’Fury’. Coming to the Logan Lerman posters, that he is virtually a kid is more than evident from the way he comes up in his posters. With a sea golden hair, an impish grin, a pair of intelligent bright, blue eyes full exuberance of youth and face almost as innocent as a kid. The most amazing feature of his posters is that in all of them, you will get to see the kid in Logan. He is not a body builder, nor is he a model. He is a pure actor. That is the flavor that is maintained by the posters in which he appears in some wonderful attire – causal, formal of various kinds. The images are taken various styles with the help of different types of lenses, with the use of different varieties of filters. All these technologies have given the Logan Lerman posters a different look and altogether. While in some, there is an urban appeal, you will find some, which is highly pregnant with a classical tinge. Again, you will find a few that are rich with elegance, a touch of old fashioned photography style. No matter in which way the photos have been snapped, in all of them, a touch of freshness along with a hint simplicity has been maintained, backed by the innocence of Logan. In all of them, he appears as a guy next door – with no out of this world background, sizzling props and effects, macho like expressions. It is this simplicity that has made his posters so awe-inspiring and mind blowing. The photographers have done their jobs in a very simplistic way. They have maintained some very basic and elementary methods of photography and it is this rudimentary method that has added such a wonderful, yet innovative tinge to the Logan Lerman posters. In addition, if you take into account those posters which are scenes of the movies he has appeared in, Logan appears in his usual boyish attitude, albeit all the heroisms that he is seen performing.Google+