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Lin Dan is a 32 year old professional badminton play from China. He has won Olympics two times, world championship five time and the All-England championships also 5 times, and is considered as one of the greatest singles players of all time. When this is the statistics of a player, you can easily imagine way he will appear in his posters. Truly the Lin Dan Posters are unique in every sense. In virtually every poster, he appears as a hardcore player in every sense. Most of the posters are actually stills from his matches against opponents of various countries in different tournaments. Naturally, in those posters, he appears all determined to demolish his opponents, with eyes focused on the cock, sweating all the way, muscles flexed, and adrenalin oozing out! Even in the posters where he is not playing and is seen jut showing himself off, he looks like a conduit of determination, grit, and an effervescence of arrogance, which is very much poised to floor his opponents at the net of the court. With muscles flexed, eyes sparkling and a face that is nothing else but a plaque of aggression, the Lin Dan Posters are a real treat, more so if you take into account his performance in the international circuit. The reason why he has been so successful is very much palpable if you take a closer look at the posters. Even in those where is seen just going through a photo shoot, you see him a real macho man, with 6 packs, his super fit figure and all his manliness very much expressive. Yet, off the court, he is a man to be loved. He smiles just like a kid – and that he is confident is more than evident from his upright body language so much so that the ones behind the lens do not need something special to make the Lin Dan Posters special. The man himself is more than special!Google+