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When you think of rock music, your mind gets filled with rock bands performing live on stage with heavy metals and guitars. The most influential rock band in the history of the genre is Led Zeppelin, the group of 4 Brit youngsters. This rock band that came into existence in 1968 soon captured the hearts of billions with their heavy metal and guitar-driven hard music. The Led Zeppelins have been the best-selling music artists in the history of the audio recording industry. As seen in the Led Zeppelins posters, the band comprised of four members. The members included John Bonham- the drummer, Robert Plant – the lead vocalist, John Paul Jones – the multi-instrumentalist and Jimmy Page – the songwriter, musician and the record producer. It was the brainchild of Page to form a rock band that would be the instigators of heavy metal and hard rock. Led Zeppelin performed on multiple to become one of the busiest touring bands of the time. As a band, Led Zeppelin had released 9 studio albums, 4 live albums, and 9 compilation albums. Barring the first album titled “Led Zeppelin”, each one the studio albums had topped the charts in many countries including the US, UK and Canada. It was during the years 1971 to 1975 when Led Zeppelin achieved new heights of critical as well as commercial success. The whole appearance of the band changed during these years as the members started dressing up in flamboyant dresses, a style that was soon to be copied by many youngsters of that era. The very image of rock stars that was to last for decades was created by Led Zeppelin members during the period that made them the biggest band in the world. The Led Zeppelins posters carry the magic that these men had created during this time. The untimely death of John Bonham due to an alcohol overdose disassembled the rock band in 1980. However, in the 12 years stint that the band had performed together, the hard rock music that they created was too good to be forgotten by generations to come. Some of the best songs of the rock band include “Whole lotta love”, “Stairway to heaven” and “ten years gone”, just among many other metallic numbers. It is not only the music but also the Led Zeppelins posters that have made a firm place in the history of rock music. The posters play an instrumental role in portraying the band’s contribution to the world of rock music. Like the rock stars succeeded in hypnotizing a whole generation across countries with their powerful rock numbers, the Led Zeppelins posters continue to carry the legacy of the band, even decades after it got dissolved. Every image of Led Zeppelin that you find on Idposter has been handpicked by our expert team, which was guided by the fine taste of the legendary musician’s fans. Go for the pics that have kept the musician in you alive and get them printed as posters to hang in your bedroom or living room. Of all the famous Led Zeppelins posters that are available on idposter.com, the ‘plane photo’ poster with the members of the band standing in front of their plane remains to be most popular one. You can now order your copy of this legendary poster or other Led Zeppelins posters at idposter.com easily.