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Lea Michele Sarfati or Lea Michele is a 29 year old American singer, actress and an author. Ever since she has been in the show biz, she has won the hearts of the small screen lovers, by the virtue of her acting prowess, her wit and her cleverness. Even putting aside all these qualities will not take anything away from her. She is one of the most enchanting faces, one can remember even after a hard day’s work. That is what you think about the Lea Michele posters. She is mesmerizing, seductive, and her eyes, her lips, her face all are more than appealing. Above all, she has a stunning figure, and she does not think twice before flouting her assets. She has nice little boobs, a thin waistline, voluminous hips and an overall enchanting presence, which will invite you to think a lot of ‘bad and wet’ dreams about her. She knows that she is sexy. That is the reason she comes up in her posters in the perfect ways to seduce a man in the most straightforward way. The Lea Michele posters are not that creative. It is not that she uses a lot of doctored and tailor made backgrounds, and use some out of this world props and makeup to make the posters all encompassing. They posters are simple, yet difference, in the sense that they will really tell you a lot about Lea even though they do not give you the chance to fantasize about her. All the posters are really bright and colorful, devoid of any extremely cranky shades and shadows. She looks childish as well, in her posters. However, that childishness is governed by a certain degree of lavishness and gaiety that will not only raise your fickleness about what to think about her, it also provides you a sense of fashion – simply because she comes up some enchanting dresses. Even the cameramen go all out in this mission. They know the right ways to exploit her assets and her inviting capacity. The do not experiment too many things, but remain well within their limitations to come up with some really ageless Lea Michele posters.