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Lauren Katherine Tell or Lauren Conrad is a 29 year old US television personality, author and a fashion designer. At 29, she is one of the most recognized young talents and is considered to be one of the most beautiful faces to have hit the deck in the world of showbiz. That she is beautiful is an understatement. She just looks ravishing, to say the least. The blond curly, golden hair, the ecstatic face, the pair of glittering eyes, and the childish smile – all make the Lauren Conrad posters really outstanding. If you have a look at her posters, the first and foremost thing that will strike you is that there is hardly any nudity and seductiveness in them. It is not that she is not appealing. She has enough sex appeal in her looks, her figure that is curvy and inviting enough. Still, she hardly exposes her assets shamelessly. Perhaps, it is her style to tell a lot of without actually uttering anything. If it is this poignancy that has made her beauty pristine and divine, giving her posters a different look and feel altogether. In the Lauren Conrad posters she comes up in some really ravishing dresses, making her a true ambassador of spotless beauty sans any sexuality. Yes, see is seen at times in swimming costumes. But amazingly, she does not look that seductiveness in those posters as well. Perhaps, her innocent looks and her careless, yet controlled composure in front of the lens needs to applauded for this. None of her posters are over ambitious. They present her exactly in the way she is. No out of this world backgrounds, uncommon props, sizzling special effects and maneuvering lights and shades truly take out the antagonistic tinge from the Lauren Conrad posters, thereby making them more humane, more subtle, and most importantly, more pleasing. Even the photographers have also kept their creative thoughts and innovations well within the limit, to do justice to the mood of the posters. May be there have been a bondage of thoughts between Lauren and her photographers. And it is this bondage that has gone a long way in creation of these sparkling posters that really come out of the age! Her blue eyes, her brown curly shiny hairs, her seductive smile her nudity, the way she flaunts her assets, the way she dresses up make the.