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Kristen Anne Bell or Kristen Bell is a 35 year old American singer and actress who is still remembered for her glorious debut in the Broadway as Becky Thatcher in Mark Twain’s “The adventures of Tom Sawyer”. She is a very famous face in Hollywood partly because of her singing prowess and partly because of her acting skills. She has a highly attractive face, with a nice glittering pair of eyes, and fresh encouraging smile and golden blonde, flowing hair and an overall presence that is scintillating and energetic enough to love her. Besides, she has a highly illustrative figure, with nice assets, which are not voluptuous, but attractive enough. Above all, she knows how to show them off on screen as well as on stage and that is where she scores a lot so far as the Kristen Bell posters are concerned. She has a very cute and exciting presence, which is not at all seductive, but very much exciting and freshening – something that you will really love. Even when she poses in a seductive way to pull attention, she does it in a very sweet way and that sweetness overwhelms the sex appeal in such way that that appeal does not wade out, on the contrary on get more highlighted not in a very shameless fashion, but in a sublime way and that is the beauty and the specialty of the her posters. They in true sense are different from quite some angles. The most amazing part of the posters is that Bell knows that she is different from the rest of the lot. However, she never tries to eliminate that difference, but she really enjoys it and tries to nurture it in all possible ways. Yes, she has tried a bit like the other in a few posters, posing with heavy makeup and out of the world props, though they never clicked as Kristen Bell posters. She quickly moved back to her own self – her very own signature style. Even the photographers have to be given accolades. They have done exactly what was needed to provide that charm to the images. The right amount and extent of lights, the right camera angles, the right props and the right backgrounds have given the Kristen Bell posters an aura of freshness.