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Kirsten Dunst posters are in no way glamour photos in the generally acclaimed notion, and even when she does a try at it, your attention will be at her beautiful and innocent face and not anywhere else. She is always remembered for her child roles and teenage roles as in “Interview with the vampire” (Claudia), “Little women”, “Jumanji” and most importantly as the Spiderman girlfriend “Mary Jane”. Nevertheless Kirsten Dunst posters are extremely interesting and simply beautiful. She has worn all possible forms of attire in these posters, starting from evening gowns or costumes to casual ware and lingerie. The check red shirt photo session we see here in this Kirsten Dunst posters collection is so elegant and mesmerizing. Only she can turn such lackluster attire into something so cool. Almost everyone love Spiderman, but due to her portrayal of the character of “Mary Jane” many may like the girlfriend more, such was the grace and feel she gave to that role. White seems to be the best color for her; she turns dull white costumes into cool stuff. Kirsten Dunst has been awarded numerous times for her roles, ranging from Golden globe to Cannes film festival award. Her film “Melancholia” is perhaps the most awarded movie for her, with more than 15 awards from various sectors.