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In the last 20 years the most famous and acclaimed country music artist of America has been Kenny Chesney. He has released about 13 studio albums and among these 13. 11 or more have got gold certification or above. Apart from this he has even produced more than 30 Top Ten songs that have numbered the Country’s country Songs billboard more than once. Along with all this the artist has even got many prestigious awards. Among these is the ACM Entertainer of the year that the artist has got for consecutive four years, from 2005 to 2008. Born in Knoxville, Tennessee in 1968, this country music icon had spent his life just like other average Americans do. His parents were Karen and Davis Chesney and he spend his childhood playing football, schooling in High school and then graduating. Then what’s so special in him to keep Kenny Chesney posters at your place? That’s because of the turning that his life took in one Christmas evening, when he was given an acoustic guitar. He started learning that guitar that was gifted to him by someone and then he realised that he loved playing it and was quite natural at it. Earlier when he was just 5 had tried to play guitar, but he found that he simply could not play it and his fingers hurts. Now, with his new taken he started earning some bucks by playing at the bars and pubs around his place. Gradually he started to be serious and made attempts to meet the music publishers and impress them. In 1994, this artist released his first album, “In my wildest dream” and he actually may not have though in his wildest thoughts that some of the songs would be hit and he sold about 1000- copies of the album! He saw his major success when he released his third album, “me and you” in 1996. It became the first gold certified album and two of its songs even reached the no 2 position in Billboard. Thus, those who love country music or rather has love for any kind of music must be having Kenny Chesney posters as they are not only great listening they are great for souls too!