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Kendrick Lamar posters, 56 items

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Like any other rapper, Kendrick Lamar also enjoys a special stature in the psyche of his fans. Now when we talk about his fan following, it takes different perspectives for different classes of his fans and followers. That is why, when it comes to discussing about the Kendrick Lamar posters, the perspective differs from one fan to another depending upon the sect of fans the individuals belong to. Like that of any other posters, the Kendrick Lamar posters are also inextricably connected to the bedroom walls of the teen fans and the dorms of the college students. Like the poster of any other pop or rap star, these posters depict his simple glam-shot or an obscure image, which only his fans and followers can decipher. Now the question is what is so special about these posters that make them so great? Again, it varies from one individual to other. For a teeny: The ones who belong to this group are mainly teenage school going girls, who are generally still in search of mature and likeminded and similar ages boys to date with or have a crush on or fall for. Hence, these girls fall in love with the posters instead. As they target the boy bands and the solo artists, the Kendrick Lamar posters are easy and lucrative targets for them. The mid-teens: This is the age where the true rebellion starts. When it comes to girls it is huge and during these phase they look for someone that can upset their parents, and out of this psychology they look for posters of the rock stars and rappers and what better can they get than the Kendrick Lamar posters during this phase? Late teens: This is a phase that is pregnant with some serious prejudices and changing views towards life. This is a phase wherein allegiance to a certain genre of music becomes essential to support those changing views and thoughts. Naturally, those who vouch for rap, look for the Kendrick Lamar posters. The right type of poster on the walls of their rooms, as per them can draw the line of difference very distinctively between the social acceptance and rejection and thereby, it confirms the trend that will describe the individuals for many days and years ahead or at times for the rest of their lives. The obsessed: For this sect of fans, age is no barrier. They can be of any age, for these people the Kendrick Lamar posters can mean everything for their lives. In fact, it is a life and death question for them. Each and every minute detail of his posters means a lot for them. These posters take them to an utopia, and these occupy their thought process in such a way that they come out of that world only when they are having their meals or they are sleeping. Hence, the point is that these Kendrick Lamar posters make a world of difference in distinctive ways for distinctive sects of fans and that is where they make all the difference!Google+