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Keira Knightley can be easily pooled in the best 5 actresses of the recent times based on success and popularity. Her role of Elizabeth Swann in the popular film series “Pirates of the Caribbean sea” was the one which brought her world wide recognition. Keira Knightley posters deliver the goals of a poster maker fully by creating utmost passion in viewers with the charm and beauty she possess. She is a photographer’s pleasure or boon and knows how to give expressions and looks to make every shot look fresh, different and alluring. Keira Knightley posters are interesting due to their special “exposing but not vulgar” treatment. She knows how to use her lips and eyes to get the maximum sex appeal but without getting into vulgarity and you will get a vivid demonstration of this talent of the English actress while going through this collection of Keira Knightley posters. Even though Keira was almost stereotyped with successful roles in period dramas like “Anna Karenina”, “Pride and Prejudice”, “The duchess”, etc. in the early part of her career; she has managed to get diverse and interesting roles in the recent times. Such huge is her success that she was listed as the second highest earning actress by Forbes in the year 2007.