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As you look at the Jordan posters hung on the walls, the first thing that you would notice in them is the perfectly shaped bosoms, which would certainly pop your eyeballs out of the sockets. Thanks to multiple breast enhancement programs, Jordan, the English glamour model and popular TV personality got the vital stats that would set many hearts at fire. Jordan – The pseudo name for Katie Price The lady who is seen standing in various voluptuous postures in the different Jordan posters is actually English women Katie Price, who was born as Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Infield on 22 May, 1978 in Brighton, England. Her last name changed to Price as her mother married a builder named Paul Price in 1988. At school, young Katie (she had not taken the pseudo name of Jordan then) excelled at sports and swimming but failed miserably at academics. At the age of 16 years, she dropped out of school and opted for a professional career in glamour modeling. Jordan becomes a successful model While she started her modeling career, she took the pseudo name Jordan as she thought that her original name was bit boring and unfit for a glamour model. While as Jordan she has worked with many tabloids and magazine and later on became a successful TV personality and a shrewd business person, however, Katie Price claimed instant fame and glory as she posed topless for British tabloid ‘The Sun’. The curvaceous body that is seen in the various Jordan posters is not all natural though. To get the perfect body shape and curves, Jordan went for several surgeries during her modeling career. Not only she only for enhancements, but at times she opted for reduction surgeries as well. Jordan also went under the knife to get a nose job done and she had fat implantation surgeries on her lips to boost the pout. She was so particular and proud of her figure that she used to say that all she was famous for was her breasts. She excelled in things other than modeling as well Katie aka Jordan’s modeling life began at the age of 13 years and soon enough she proved herself worthy enough for the covers of magazines like Vogue, Playboy Nuts, Maxim etc. It is not the Jordan posters that had been in high demand, but the autobiography of this beautiful lady titled ‘Being Jordan’ was also a huge hit in English markets. ‘Being Jordan’ has ranked number 4 on the list of bestseller autobiographies in the UK. Apart from this bestseller autobiography, Jordan aka Katie Price has written a good number of autobiographies and novels which has made her one of the most eminent writing personalities of England as well. She has written 5 autobiographies and 10 novels so far, all of which has done fairly well in gathering huge fame and money to this erstwhile glamour model. She has tried singing as well and recorded an album in 2006. If you found the life of Katie Price aka Jordan interesting or if you are a fan of this multitalented diva, you can now get your own copies of Jordan posters from sites like idposter.com. You would certainly by astounded looking at the beauty of this glamour model of yesteryears.Google+