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Kathleen Marie "Kathy" Ireland or Kathy Ireland is a 52 year old American super model and actress turned entrepreneur and author. Though with her age she has changed her profession and has come out of the world of flesh show, her pasts still haunt her, if you take into account the Kathy Ireland posters of the yester years, when she was a model and an expert seducer. Just look at the posters of the-then super model named Kathy Ireland and you will find that she was one of the best in the business, with a stunning and voluptuous figure and dazzling assets that where more enough to make you think wild things.

However, with age and the passage of time, she has changed. You will not expect her to be in a bikini, standing in front of the lens…topless to seduce you at the age of 52. With age and time, the beauty changes in a person. She knows that very well and that is why she has changed the approach. She is still beautiful, but with age that beauty has only ripened. She does not seduce you straightaway with her curves and assets. They remain more or less covered now, but very much apparent though.

If you look at the Kathy Ireland posters now, you will see that the sparkle of eyes is still there, and her smile is still the same mesmerizing. What is gone is the tinge of sexism. She no longer looks seductive the way she used to look before. While she was outrageous before, now she is more sublime. She will make you think with her looks. More so, her smile has become a very lovable one that will not mesmerize you, but develop a fondness towards her. It will not raise lust in you in any way, but will create a penchant that will make you feel good. Yes, her present day posters are famous for being something that will make you feel good!

The cameramen also do their best to make sure that the posters are gorgeous besides being sensuous. The do their best to propagate the personality of Kathy Ireland in the best possible way so that the Kathy Ireland posters bear a different appeal to the onlookers.