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Kate Moss posters shown here are true reflection of the waif “heroin chic” image she has, even though it is just an expression to comment on her figure. She is the original size zero in all aspects of her body making her one of the top choice of almost all major fashion houses. Be it C K, Gucci, D&G, Chanel, etc. most of them have worked long term with this English model and she is well acknowledged by the Industry for her contributions. Kate Moss posters include most of her famous fashion shows, major photo sessions, promos, social events and award ceremonies. When we say about her accolades we should not forget about her “most sexy woman”, “Top sexy women lists”, “Top influential women lists” etc. issued by several major magazines and newspapers and she has been in these lists multiple times, a fact which would not be a surprise for you when you see this collection of Kate Moss posters. Though a drug abuse scandal had dimmed her career for a short period she is still in the top 10 models of the fashion world and you will understand this very clearly when you go through her posters shown here.